Craig Kieswetter’s New Career As A Golfer

Craig Kieswetter had a great career as a cricketer and he will remain a hero in the hearts of his supporters and family. Although, he took retirement from cricket due to an injury, Kieswetter’s potentials will not be forgotten. The Somerset wicket keeper was playing in a County Championship game on July 2014 against Northamptonshire as he got struck in the face by a bouncer. It in turn landed between the visor and grille on his head guard. Kieswetter’s cheekbone was fractured and nose broken which compelled the cricketer to consider retiring from the game. However, he did return to action before the season could end. He was impacted by vision issues and had to take a break to recover from injuries.

The announcement of his retirement was made in 2015. It was not a happy moment for him as he had to let go his promising career, which had brought him several England cups in ODI and Twenty20 series.

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