Former cricketer, Craig Kieswetter has announced that he would be venturing into the golfing game in order to try his luck as a professional golfer.

Kieswetter, who was born in South Africa, had moved to England where he went on to establish himself as a wicketkeeper-batsman with Somerset.

He had a reputation for scoring runs quickly and was also a flamboyant batsman. He soon came to the attention of the selectors in the England team, and made his debut in 2010 for England’s one-day international team. A while later, he was also picked to join the T20 squad.

However, Kieswetter’s cricketing career soon came to an end after he was involved in a cricketing accident, while in a game for Somerset, which saw a fast ball break through his helmet guard, breaking his cheekbone and nose in the process.

This also went on to affect his eyes, thus causing him permanent damage to his eyesight. It took him until last year to count his losses, accept defeat and retire from professional cricketing.

This year has seen the ex-cricketer re-emerge once again, but as a golfer this time around, as he hopes he can be able to qualify to participate in the European Tour by the time he is 30 years old.

The 29-year old will not be the first who has at a point thought or believed he can make it as a professional golfer, and he won’t be the last as well.

However, where he comes off with any degree of success in the game, it would most certainly make him the first. Several others such as the likes of Roy Wegerle, Andriy Shenchenko, Julian Dicks and Jimmy Bullard, all football players, had once delved into golfing but could not make headway.