Craig Kieswetter Comments on his Right Eye Issue

Craig Kieswetter confesses that his right eye could not be totally corrected even after the efforts of the doctors who did the operation on it post his injury and he realized that with that eye not being at its fullest in terms of the vision, his batting and wicket keeping abilities were limited considerably.

So, he bid adieu to Cricket.

For Kieswetter, none of the two facets was actually impossible to perform in. He reckons he could have held a bat in his hand and taken care of himself at the crease but, he surely couldn’t slam the bowlers like he used to because picking the deliveries which were quick would take him a fraction longer and he would miss out on his aggressive shots.

The Johannesburg born player says that he sees a lot of average Cricketers going around at the county level and he wishes them all the very best, but, he can’t be a Cricketer of that category. He always aimed high and took great pride in playing in his own style and if he had to compromise with his style, he would like to put it to an end rather than just dragging along.

Kieswetter also accepts that after he got a green signal to resume his Cricket after operation, he felt that he was getting a bit bothered about pace and bounce unlike before when it was bread and butter for him and that was because he was a little fearful and the possibility of another blow was definitely somewhere in his head. The insecurity he had to face about his career and his life in general lying in hospital was a haunting experience and he was not willing for an experience like that for the second time.